Five Faves: Healthier Desserts


In the spirit of all that is back to school madness, today we want to share some of our favorite healthier desserts from some incredible blogs.

For us as college students, this time of year is SO hectic. Between new schedules, going back to classes, and attempting to conquer mountains of homework and responsibilities, finding balance and eating healthy can sometimes be challenging. This list provides some sweets that you can feel better about snacking on during the week and that don’t take very long to make. They are a perfect after-study/work snack that can motivate you to get just about anything done.

(Our pretty campus ↓)


Warning: we’re obsessed with chocolate and so are a little biased with choosing desserts that have- you guessed it- lots of chocolate!

Here we go 🙂

  1. You won’t even be able to tell that there are black beans in these brownies. Believe us, we’ve even tricked a few people into thinking they were regular brownies. They might even taste better than the real thing. Yes, we went there. You can eat the batter since there’s no eggs or flour!!
  2. For when you need some peanut butter in your life (and when DON’T you??!): whole wheat peanut butter oatmeal bars. The chocolate chips are never optional.
  3. This banana bread is absolutely perfect for using up those last few summer peaches. Bananas and peaches go surprisingly well together and you won’t want to stop eating it.
  4. A healthy chocolate mug cake that’s college dorm/apartment friendly- it’s made in your microwave so a matter of minutes stands between you and healthy chocolate heaven. Add a dollop of our Dark Chocolate Roasted Almond Butter on top and you’ve got a real winner.
  5. So many smoothie flavor combos to choose from!! These fruity beverages are always a good idea for when you’re craving a sweet treat. We haven’t personally tried them all, but the PB+J Date and Summer in a Cup smoothies look like new favorites ❤


Farewell summer, and helloooo fall baking!


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